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The Board of Deputies of British Jews is the voice of the British Jewish Community, the first port of call for the Government, the media and others seeking to understand Jewish community interests and concerns.
The Board of Deputies is the only democratically elected, cross-communal, representative body in the Jewish community. It comprises over 300 deputies directly elected by the synagogues and communal organisations they represent, from congregations to youth movements, and social welfare charities to regional councils.

In addition, there are also a number of ‘Under-35 Observers’, appointed by synagogues and organisations to supplement their representation and to ensure that a new generation of communally-minded activists can contribute to our work on behalf of the community.

Each synagogue and organisation elects one or more Deputies, depending on the size of that particular body, with elections occurring every three years.
Every three years, Deputies elect five Honorary Officers, who comprise a President, Senior Vice-President, two Vice-Presidents and a Treasurer. It is these Officers, along with the professional team, who represent the Board of Deputies to external stakeholders. See below for biographies on the current Honorary Officers.
Strategy and scrutiny of the Board of Deputies is in part dealt with by its four Divisions, to which Deputies can be elected. Each Division is headed by one of the Honorary Officers. The Divisions are as follows:


2023 Highlights

A roundup of some of the events, activities, and ahievements of the Board of Deputies of British Jews in 2023. 

Honorary Officers

Our Honorary Officers are a talented and diverse group hailing from many walks of life and professional backgrounds. What unites us is our shared commitment to voicing the needs, and advocating the sentiment of the Jewish Community.

Marie van der Zyl OBE


Marie van der Zyl OBE is the second woman to have been elected President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the representative body of the UK Jewish Community. First elected President in 2018, she was re-elected for a second term ...

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David Mendoza-Wolfson

Senior Vice-President

David was elected in May 2021 as the Board’s youngest-ever Vice President. A Deputy for Reform Judaism, David previously sat on the Board’s International Division – which he now chairs. He has experience working to support the Jewi...

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Edwin Shuker


Edwin Shuker, an Iraqi-Jewish businessman and philanthropist, chairs the Board’s Communities and Education Division. Born in Baghdad to an ancient Jewish community, Edwin arrived in the United Kingdom with his family in 1971 and we...

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Amanda Bowman


Amanda chairs the Defence & Group Relations Division, that focuses on protecting and progressing the freedoms, rights and security of British Jews, including by fostering good interfaith and community relations. This covers standing ...

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Michael Ziff


Michael Ziff is an Honorary Officer of the Board of Deputies serving as Treasurer. Michael was born in 1953 and was raised in Leeds. He was educated at Clifton College in Bristol and then at University of Leeds. In 1978, he joined the fa...

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Professional Team

The day-to-day work of the Board of Deputies is carried out by a professional team of staff led by Chief Executive Michael Wegier.

Jack Baldwin

Local and Regional Government Officer

Jack is the Local and Regional Government Officer at the Board of Deputies. He supports the Board’s Public Affairs team and leads on engagement with local councils, devolved administrations, and Jewish Representative Councils. He also ...

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Martyn Ellis

Finance Officer

Martyn works in the Finance and Operations Team where he ensures the smooth running of the organisation’s finances. 

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Victoria Lisek

Religious and Civil Affairs Officer

Victoria Lisek is the Religious and Civil Affairs Officer at the Board of Deputies. She is responsible for developing programmes and policy that safeguard Jewish religious freedoms, and engages with civil society groups to ensure that th...

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Adam Ma’anit

Digital and Communications Officer

Adam Ma’anit is Digital and Communications Officer for the Board of Deputies and is also currently serving as Interfaith and Social Action Manager. 

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Brian Markeson

Director of Finance

As Director of Finance ,and in conjunction with the Honorary Treasurer, Brian has overall responsibility for the Board’s finances.  This encompasses setting and implementing the annual budget, agreeing and explaining the monthly manag...

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Sara Radivan

Regional Manager

Sara Radivan, the Board of Deputies’ Regional Manager, is based in Manchester and is the first port of call for regional Jewish communities.  Sara offers support, advice and assistance to regional Jewish communities of all sizes, supp...

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David Robinson

Parliamentary & International Relations Officer

David Robinson is Parliamentary and International Relations Officer at the Board of Deputies.

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Simon Round

Communications Officer

Simon Round is responsible for media, communications and public relations work for the Board of Deputies. This includes liaising with UK and international media,  preparing and distributing press releases and statements, running Board o...

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Daniel Sugarman

Director of Public Affairs

Daniel Sugarman is Director of Public Affairs at the Board of Deputies. Daniel leads on the Board’s policy, strategic relations, advocacy and communications, as well as managing the Board’s talented Public Affairs Team. With a ba...

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Dawn Waterman

Director of Education

Dawn Waterman is Director of Education at the Board of Deputies. She oversees all of our educationalactivities and projects, as well as leads Hidden Treasures; celebrating Jewish archives in Britain, an on-line project featuring archives...

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Michael Wegier

Chief Executive

Michael Wegier has been Chief Executive since 2021. He has worked as a Jewish Educator, Strategic Planner and Chief Executive for Jewish organisations in the UK, Israel, and the United States. He has a degree in Jewish History from UCL a...

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