Jeremy Michelson

Jeremy was born in London but has lived most of his adult life in Greater Manchester. Jeremy has been on the Board of Deputies since 2015, when he was immediately elected to the Community and Education Division which he now Chairs.

Jeremy has been a member of the Education Committee of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region (JRC) since 2003,and chaired the Committee between 2015 – 2024. Between 2016 – 2022 he was Vice President of the JRC. In the last 28 years he has been a leader in teaching about Jewish life and practice to the wider community, particularly school aged pupils. He has used his knowledge to draw in volunteers to create Judaism4schools and the Northern Holocaust Education Group.

Jeremy was the first graduate from the John Aird School for the Partially Sighted to embark on a sixth form education. He studied history at Leeds University ang subsequently gained an M. Ed at Manchester University. Having taught History in colleges of Further Education Jeremy’s life changed forever when he undertook a Jewish Educator’s Fellowship and entered the Jewish education world. It was this that drew him into Communal service within British Jewry.

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