25 February 2021
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After she finished school last year, Lily Crane-Newman  went to New York and interned with Ola Eastern Long Island, a charity that advocates for equality for Latino immigrants in areas including school policies and inclusive Government. During this internship, she worked on a mental health project.

This was originally going to involve editing some videos together, however after a phone call, Lily decided to share her own story on camera.

After coming home for Chanukah, Lily, who is a member of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, started preparing to go to Israel for Shnatt Netzer. but was told just 30 minutes prior to their flight departing, that the Israeli Government had made a new rule that only Israeli citizens were allowed to fly to Israel.  Until Lily gets the green light to start Shnatt Netzer, she has been volunteering at a food bank called Sufra which is doing amazing work to support people in hostels, homeless shelters and those suffering from unemployment in these certain time.