Dalia, Deputy for the Union of Jewish Students, had to come home from her year abroad mid-pandemic. With six empty months ahead of her, she wanted to use her time effectively.

Compassion London is an organisation, which was created in the wake of the pandemic. They sought to help feed the NHS staff during the height of the crisis, expanding this to include the homeless, vulnerable, prison guards and other charities. Three days a week for the past four months, Dalia has spent four hours in the kitchens helping to make, package and label meals. Dalia and the team orchestrated a production line of around 3000 meals a day (5000 at the peak of Covid). Compassion London is always in need of more volunteers, as the work load has increased with many people now returning to work.

Dalia has also been volunteering as an Ambassador for ‘The Step Up’; a programme, which supports children and youth in refugee camps who have fled war and violence, by providing them with learning and an education during the holidays. However due to Covid, this was unable to happen this year.

They are trying to raise funds to print culturally bespoke education booklets for thousands of South Sudanese refugee children who have been out of school for months due to this virus. Even before Covid, 3.7 million refugee children were already out of school. These booklets would provide them with vital learning, to help break the cycle of crisis and poverty.

Link to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/step-up

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/thestepup.org/

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