Stephen Sizer banned for 12 years by Church of England Tribunal

2J9HCWE Church of England vicar, Rev Stephen Sizer leaves a disciplinary tribunal at St Andrew's Courtroom, in central London. Picture date: Monday May 23, 2022.

A Church of England Tribunal has banned disgraced minister Stephen Sizer from serving as a Clerk of Holy Orders for 12 years, including time served. He will be unable to act as a minister until 2030.

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl said: “I am pleased that the Tribunal has made an unambiguous statement in banning Stephen Sizer from being able to act as a Clerk in Holy Orders for 12 years. Given that he indulged in ‘antisemitic activity’ and caused grievous offence to the Jewish community over a number of years, this is the correct decision. I am grateful to the Tribunal for hearing our evidence and look forward to a continued strong and close relationship with the Church of England in the coming years. Many thanks to my predecessor as President, Jonathan Arkush, who also worked tirelessly on this case with me.”


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