Shadow Communities Secretary and new Board of Deputies Chief Executive tour Stamford Hill

Shadow Secretary of State Steve Reed MP and new Board of Deputies Chief Executive Michael Wegier visited Stamford Hill yesterday to see some of the key Charedi organisations and learn more about this important and growing part of the Jewish community.

During the visit, the group visited the Hatzola Ambulance Service, Grodzinski Bakery, Yesodey HaTorah Senior Girls’ School, and the Beis Pinchos Care Home and Schonfeld Square. The group also participated in a roundtable with key community organisations hosted by the Interlink Foundation.

“The visit was organised by the Board of Deputies’ Public Affairs Director Phil Rosenberg and South Tottenham United Synagogue Deputy Shmuel Yosef Davidsohn. The Board of Deputies’ Daniel Sugarman and Lauren Keiles also attended.

Following the visit, Shadow Communities Secretary Steve Reed MP said: “What an absolute pleasure to meet so many wonderful members of the Charedi Jewish community today in Stamford Hill. So much we can all learn from the strong relationships and compassion that bind the community together. I look forward to going back soon.”

Michael Wegier, Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: “This was a fascinating visit to learn about, and strengthen our ties with, the Charedi community, the fastest growing section of UK Jewry. I am determined that we will deepen our relationship over the coming years for the good of all British Jews.”

Photo:  Shadow Communities Secretary Steve Reed (centre) and Board of Deputies Chief Executive Michael Wegier visit the Hatzola Ambulance Service in Stamford Hill

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