President Jonathan Arkush issues statement on Piers Corbyn Tweet
07 April 2016
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The President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Mr Jonathan Arkush, has responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s defence of Piers Corbyn’s tweet regarding remarks by Louise Ellman MP about antisemitism.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s defence of his brother’s belittling of the problem of antisemitism is deeply disturbing.  We cannot imagine that any other minority’s concerns would be dismissed off-hand in this way. In the last few weeks we have witnessed a stream of clear-cut cases of antisemitism in the Labour Party, which can’t just be fobbed off as differences over Israel.  Most of the Jewish community, numerous Labour MPs, Labour peers, and Labour’s London mayoral candidate are crying out for the leader to take action on antisemitism. It would be incomprehensible for Mr Corbyn to remain inert and refuse to take this form of racism in his party seriously.”