President Jonathan Arkush congratulates Donald Trump
09 November 2016
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After Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Elections, Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush said: “I would like to congratulate Donald Trump on his victory. After a divisive campaign, I hope that Mr Trump will move to build bridges and ensure that America’s standing as a beacon of progress, tolerance and free thinking remains strong.”

Supplementary comment on the election of Donald Trump

A spokesperson for the Board of Deputies said: “Just as the Prime Minister, world leaders, and our counterparts at the American Jewish Committee have done, we have congratulated Donald Trump, the democratic choice of the American people.

“We understand why people feel strongly about this. We have been clear throughout the election regarding our concerns about some of Donald Trump’s comments. Those concerns remain, particularly over those comments which are considered to be racist and sexist. Indeed, our statement spoke of a divisive campaign and ensuring that America remains a beacon of progress, tolerance and free-thinking.

“Ultimately, we do not elect the US President. That is down to the American people. All we can do is respond to their choice. And that response has to respect the democratic choice of the American people.”