Passover food guidelines for the UK Jewish community, Pesach 2020
23 March 2020
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In the current unprecedented circumstances, many members of the Jewish community are either in self-isolation or are not in a position to be able to visit a Kosher supermarket to do their Pesach shopping.

With this in mind, a number of the UK’s main Kashrut authorities have issued special guidelines for Passover this year, providing information on a significant number of products which are more widely available, in supermarkets around the country, which are permissible for use on Pesach this year if one is not able to purchase specifically branded “Kosher for Passover” products.

KLBD, the Kashrut arm of the London Beth Din, has released this information regarding regularly sold products which may be brought, stressing that these guidelines “are intended specifically during this time of crisis.”

The Beth Din of the Federation of Synagogues has included Kashrut guidelines as part of its extremely useful Frequently Asked Questions on Pesach 2020 . As the page indicates, the Federation also runs a specific texting service which allows you to anonymously contact a Federation Rabbi with questions and receive guidance.

The Kashrut division of the S&P Sephardi Beth Din has a specific Passover 2020 page, including a special list of products permitted for wider purchase here.

The sale of chametz

Those who traditionally sell their Chametz prior to Passover can do so via any of these three Beth Dins. KLBD’s chametz sale form can be accessed online here.

The Federation of Synagogues Beth Din’s chametz sale form can be accessed online here: The S&P Sephardi Beth Din’s chametz sale form can be accessed online here:

This page will be updated when further information becomes available.