Parliamentary candidates sign up to the Board of Deputies’ Ten Commitments 


Parliamentary candidates from across the UK’s main political parties have expressed public support for the Board of Deputies’ Ten Commitments, which outlines key pledges on issues important to both the Jewish community and society at large.

The pledges include ‘opposing extremism and hate crime’, ‘defending the right to a Jewish way of life’ and ‘supporting efforts to remember and understand the Holocaust’. They also include points on supporting the provision of religiously sensitive social care services, supporting efforts to create a more just and sustainable future and resist boycotts that divide communities.

The full list of candidates who have publicly expressed support for the Ten Commitments can be found on the Board of Deputies website here.; candidates who would like to be included are encouraged to tweet a picture of themselves holding up a printed version of the Ten Commitments, along with the #TenCommitments hashtag and including the @BoardofDeputies Twitter handle.

Commenting on support for the Ten Commitments, the Board of Deputies , Marie van der Zyl, said: ‘In an increasingly bitter political climate, it is encouraging to see that politicians of all parties can come together to support British Jews.

“It is notable and gratifying that in most of the key battleground seats with a significant Jewish population, most of the main candidates have signed up.

“We have also been pleased to receive support from candidates in seats where there are much smaller Jewish populations. We will continue to promote the Jewish Manifesto in the last week of the election and beyond.

‘The Ten Commitments encapsulate points of concern to our Jewish community – not just on matters specific to Jews, but on policies which affect the UK as a whole.’

You can read the Jewish Manifesto here.

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