Labour front-bencher Steve Reed pledges to local councillors that party will continue to tackle antisemitism

Shadow Secretary of State for Local Government Steve Reed last night pledged to Yorkshire local councillors that the Labour Party will continue to tackle antisemitism within its ranks.

Mr Reed sent a video message to a seminar for local councillors, organised by Board of Deputies, the JLC and the Leeds Jewish Representative Council, which was attended by 40 local politicians. from Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate and York Councils, as well as areas representing fewer Jews such as Barnsley and Stockton on Tees. Councillors spent the session learning  about the Jewish community and its political priorities.

Secretary of State for Local Government Robert Jenrick sent good wishes to the event.

Lisa Baker, President of the Leeds Jewish Representative Council said: “It  is an honour to have represented the community of Leeds and our surrounding communities at this councillor event. To see so many willing and engaged councillors from across Yorkshire and the Humber is encouraging and will I am sure help to ensure engagement with and a greater understanding of our community in many years to come, further enhancing our vitality”

Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman said: “It was great to see councillors from across the region, including those with relatively few numbers of Jews in their boroughs, engaging with issues that concern the Jewish community. We discussed topics from antisemitism to Holocaust commemoration. Events like this are critical to ensure the Jewish voice can be heard by decision-makers across the country.”

Miki Vyse, External Affairs Manager for the Jewish Leadership Council said: “It is always a pleasure to see so many local councillors invested in hearing from the Jewish community about our community locally, as well as on antisemitism and Israel. The JLC works across the country through our regional managers to amplify and magnify the collective work of JLC members and the wider community. Relationships with local politicians and councillors are vital in making sure our voice is heard especially in tough times like today.”

You can watch Steve Reed’s video here.


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