Joint statement on the horrifying and ongoing attacks in Israel

Yesterday, we awoke during Shabbat and the festival of Simchat Torah to learn that Israelis, including our friends and family, were being wounded, taken hostage, and murdered in Israel. At a time when the Jewish community should be partaking in the annual celebration of the renewal of our Torah, we are instead in mourning for those killed by murderous Hamas terrorists.

We thank the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and all others who have shown unequivocal support for the people of Israel as they respond to this unprecedented attack. We stand with Israel as it seeks to restore security and reunite families.

Previous conflicts have shown us that we are likely to see an increase in antisemitism here in the UK. We are in touch with the government and will be working to ensure the police support the Jewish community at this time. We urge any incidents be reported to the police and CST.

We call on the Jewish community and our allies to gather tomorrow evening at Richmond Terrace (opposite Number 10 Downing St), Monday 9th October, at 5pm for a vigil in honour of the victims, hostages and wounded Israelis.

Jewish Leadership Council & The Board of Deputies of British Jews

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