Joint statement on the escalation of violence in Israel by the Board of Deputies, the JLC and UJIA

“We are deeply concerned and saddened by the escalation of violence, and the seemingly unremittent  rocket fire against Israeli civilians by Hamas in Gaza. These attacks are abhorrent and, despite the protection of Iron Dome, have sadly already caused loss of life. Israel has the right to defend its citizens and it is the responsibility of Hamas to immediately halt all rocket fire from Gaza.

“British Jews have family, friends and colleagues in Israel, and our thoughts and prayers are with them, and with all those – both Israeli and Palestinian – who are suffering.

“We are working closely together to monitor the situation and provide whatever support we can to both the people of Israel and the UK Jewish community. The city of Jerusalem and its holy sites are sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians around the world. Time and again we have seen how tensions in the Middle East play out here in the UK, affecting community cohesion and community confidence. It is vital that all those with public platforms in the UK use language responsibly to reduce rather than inflame tensions.”

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