Jewish community organisations send open letter to Labour calling for expulsion of Peter Willsman
31 May 2019
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Jewish community organisations have sent a jointly signed letter to Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby calling for the immediate expulsion of Labour NEC member Peter Willsman from the Party.

In the letter signed by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust, Willsman is condemned for his  “antisemitic slur”  in “accusing religious leaders from across the Jewish community of not only being liars, but of acting as a fifth column for a foreign state. It plays directly to age old accusations of Jewish conspiracy, treachery and dual loyalty. It is racist by any measure. It is also, ironically, one of the behaviours described as antisemitic in the definition of antisemitism that Labour’s leadership very grudgingly adopted last year, but have still failed to include anywhere on the Party’s website.”

The letter also notes “how efficient Labour’s disciplinary processes can be when there is the will to make them so.”

It concludes by saying that “Pete Willsman must be immediately dismissed from Labour’s National Executive Committee and expelled from the Labour Party”

Read the letter here