Jewish community leaders share ‘strong concerns’ with UCL Provost

Jewish community leaders today met with Professor Michael Arthur, Provost of UCL, to emphasise the community’s strong concerns over the intimidating and aggressive protests that took place on 27 October. The delegation, led by Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush, included representatives from the Union of Jewish Students, Jewish Leadership Council, University Jewish Chaplaincy, the Community Security Trust and Jewish student leaders at UCL.

“There was a constructive and robust discussion on how these protests were handled by the university. The Provost and university representatives outlined the inquiry that has been set up and a timetable for action. They emphasised that while the right to lawful protest would be protected, this would not override their commitment to free speech within the law or to the safety of students.

“We intend to ensure that the actions agreed at the meeting will be fully and effectively followed through. Particular attention will be focused on UCL’s inquiry into the events of 27 October. Further work is being done with universities, the Government and other authorities to protect the right to free speech and the safety of Jewish students.”

Issued jointly by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Union of Jewish Students, Jewish Leadership Council, University Jewish Chaplaincy and Community Security Trust

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