Jewish and Muslim women come together for launch of Nisa-Nashim Harrow

More than 35 Jewish and Muslim women came together on Tuesday for the launch of Nisa-Nashim Harrow. Nisa-Nashim, the the Board of Deputies supported and Department of Communities and Local Government funded initiative, aims to bring together women from both communities through a range of shared initiatives that support their leadership journeys and encourage them to form meaningful personal relationships, while benefiting the wider society in which they live.

The launch of Nisa-Nashim Harrow was organised by Soraya Janmohamed and Doreen Samuels, who said of the event, “There was such energy in the room – such joy at meeting others with whom we felt instantly at ease. There is so much we can do together.”

Nisa-Nashim is establishing groups all over the UK; its next launch will take place in Manchester in early February and there will be further networks evolving throughout 2016. For more information please visit the Nisa-Nashim Facebook page ( or contact Project Manager Leah Warren ( .

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