04 September 2020
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Nathan Boroda grew up in Whitefield, Manchester and attended King David High School, where he was Head Boy in 2016-17.

He attended Warwick University where he studied History and served as President of the Jewish Society. From 2017 Nathan has been one of the Deputies for the Union of Jewish Students, the representative body of Jewish students in the UK and Ireland.

In recent months he has been co-chairing the Board’s new Youth Assembly, a historic first event for young Jews to engage with the community. Nathan says that the work of the steering committee has been exceptional and hopes that the enthusiasm generated by this event will continue for many years to come.

He thinks that the biggest issue for the Jewish community is how we step up our efforts to fight the climate emergency. In 10 years’ time he wants the community to be a far more welcoming place for Jews from other minority backgrounds, building on Stephen Bush’s current work.

If he could pick anyone in the world to sit next to at Friday night dinner it would be former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger who he describes as a “legend”.