Communities Secretary ‘Incredibly impressed’ by Yesodey Hatorah

Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles MP has  visited Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ School in Stamford Hill to see at first-hand the excellent standard of education and to reassure the community of the Government’s support.

The Secretary of State was welcomed by school Principal Rabbi Avrohom Pinter, school and Head Teacher Mrs Rivky Weinberg.

At a round table conference attended by Principal Rabbi Pinter, Head teacher Mrs Weinberg and deputy Head Teacher Mrs Neuberger from the school, as well as Rabbi Yidel Baumgarten of the UOHC, Mrs Chaya Spitz of Interlink, school Governor Mr Grussgott, Sophie Dunoff from the Board of Deputies and Mr Shimon Cohen, Mr Pickles emphasised his passionate support for the UK’s Jewish community. “Jewish values are British values” said the Secretary of State.

Rabbi Pinter and Mrs Weinberg then led the Secretary of State on a tour of the school. Visiting a citizenship class, the Secretary of State participated in a discussion with the class on his recent letter to the Muslim Council of Britain and the ensuing public row.

The Secretary of State praised the school for the behaviour of its pupils and its warm and happy atmosphere.

Speaking about his visit, Secretary of State Pickles said:

“I was incredibly impressed by my visit to Yesoday HaTorah. The excellence of the staff and facilities was clearly evident in all of the happy, polite and bright pupils I met. I wanted to come here today to reassure the community that the Government will continue to do all it can to ensure that Jewish life flourishes safely in our country.”

Rabbi Pinter, Principal of Yesodey Hatorah School, said:

“We were honoured to be visited by Secretary of State Pickles. His vocal support for our community is appreciated and his praise for our school in the light of our recent positive OFSTED report was welcomed.”

Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ School received VA status in 2005, when it was officially opened by then Prime Minister Tony Blair and has 350 pupils. It is the first state aided secondary school for the charedi community in North London.

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