Clive Lewis, Richard Burgon and Dawn Butler absent from the list of those who have signed the #TenPledges to tackle antisemitism in Labour

Image credit: Board of Deputies

Board of Deputies of British Jews President Marie van der Zyl said: “Tackling antisemitism must be a central priority of Labour’s next leader. To that end, it was a good start to see five of the six leadership candidates and three of the five deputy leadership candidates adopting the #TenPledges on tackling anti-Jewish racism that we issued yesterday.

“Of course, actions must follow words, and what we have said represents only the starting point of what needs to happen for Labour to become a truly anti-racist party once more. We will certainly be holding to account whoever ultimately wins the contest.

“Whilst it is encouraging that so many of the candidates have signed up, some of the hostile reaction online, from people who profess to be Labour Party members – and even some former Labour MPs – shows the length of journey that will need to be travelled by whoever wins.

“And with under two hours to go before nominations close, MPs and MEPs who want to see Labour tackle this problem may want to ask why Clive Lewis, Richard Burgon and Dawn Butler are conspicuously absent from the list of those who have signed up to the pledges on their social media accounts.”

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