Call to action – take the BBC to task over Tim Willcox
12 January 2015
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The BBC’s Tim Willcox was guilty of outrageously unbalanced reporting during a sequence broadcast from the Paris rally on Sunday. Willcox was interviewing a French Jew who was explaining how terrified she was to be the target of Islamist terror attacks and that the entire community were fearful. Willcox interjected: “Many critics of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.”

Not only was this remark irrelevant – after all the target of Friday’s attack were not Israeli but French Jews – it also conflates Middle Eastern politics with the murder of innocent French Jews, and implies that there was some kind of justification for the attack. This was bad, biased reporting and an attempt to misrepresent the events of Friday afternoon.

According to the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia one definition of anti-Semitism is “Holding Jews collectively responsible for the action of Israel”. It seems this is exactly what Willcox was attempting to do.

Please take the opportunity to complain about Tim Willcox, You can use the the BBC’s complaints procedure using the link  here . Feel free to use some or all of the text above in your complaint.