Board’s response to the planned neo-Nazi rally in Golders Green


As you may have heard, a group of neo-Nazi antisemites are arranging a demonstration on Saturday July 4 targeting the Jewish community in Golders Green. The fact that they have chosen to demonstrate on Shabbat in an area with one of the highest Jewish populations in the country is no coincidence. These bigots would love nothing more than to create an atmosphere of fear and division in the community. In reality, there are very few of them and the police are determined to ensure that they are contained in one residential area and will not be able to intimidate our community.

What we have done so far

Board representatives along with those from the Community Security Trust, the London Jewish Forum and the Jewish Leadership Council have held a meeting with Mike Penning, Minister of State for Policing, to discuss our concerns in advance of the far-right rally. Mr Penning has called for the police to use the full power of the law in relation to the rally but stressed the need for the police to be permitted to manage events according to operational need. High level talks have also been held between Board officials and senior police officers on the issue.


Golders Green Together has been formed by the Board, the London Jewish Forum and Hope not Hate in order to provide a positive community response to this provocation.

We will be holding a Day of Action on Friday July 3 during which Golders Green will be “dressed” in gold and green ribbon to show unity. We would like as many of you as possible to help from 9.30am on that day.

You can also help by delivering leaflets informing people about the the campaign (email To see how you can make a difference to the campaign please click here.

We want to make a big impact on social media. In order to enable us to do that, please sign up to our “thunderclap” on social media  – in effect a tweet that goes out from hundreds of people at the the same time. Go to  before 5pm on Tuesday July 2.

We are putting out a single edition of a community newspaper full of good news stories from the area. To share a story email

If you would like any further information, please email

On July 4

Timings have not yet been finalised for the neo-Nazi rally and for strategic reasons police have not yet made public how they intend to control the demonstration. As soon as we are able to disclose that information we will be in touch with you. Our media partners, the JC, will also be posting regular updates on their website at Some of you may intend to be in Golders Green on the day. There will be a high level Board presence there and we hope those who decide to attend will provide a dignified demonstration of solidarity with the people of Golders Green and a rebuke to the extremists.

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