Board welcomes Church’s swift action over Sizer
09 February 2015
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Jonathan Arkush, vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has welcomed the actions of the Diocese of Guildford following a Facebook posting  by Rev Stephen Sizer linking Israel and the Jews to the 9/11 attacks, which was revealed  in  a Jewish News report.

The Diocese has banned Rev Sizer from using any social media for six months and Rev Sizer has himself pledged not to write tweet or blog about the Middle East again.

 Mr Arkush said: “The Board referred these matters regarding Rev Sizer to the Diocese of Guildford who have acted swiftly  to resolve them. The Board has expressed its full acknowledgment of the undertakings asked of Rev Sizer and their implications and we are grateful that the Church shared our deep concern that Rev Sizer had indeed crossed a line in the offensive materials he was posting and linking to online. The Board of Deputies now hopes that Rev Sizer’s unbecoming and inappropriate conduct has now been brought to a close. The Board together with the Diocese of Guildford and the Church of England strongly believe that good community relations are based on mutual respect and trust, which we now hope can be restored after this very unhappy episode.”