Board of Deputies welcomes Ofcom’s decision to investigate BBC following report into Chanukah bus incident
26 January 2022
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26 January 2022

Board of Deputies of British Jews President Marie van der Zyl has reacted to a report which has found the Corporation did not meet standards of accuracy and impartiality in its coverage of an antisemitic attack against Jewish teenagers celebrating Chanukah in London last November.

Marie said: “We note the ECU finding that the BBC did not meet standards of due accuracy and impartiality. We are however dismayed that the Corporation continues to justify certain erroneous editorial decisions that continue to cloud the issue and will compound the distress faced by the victims. The Corporation also needs to acknowledge that it has badly misrepresented advice given to them by our colleagues at the CST. We welcome Ofcom’s decision to investigate the incident. We trust that justice will prevail.”