Board of Deputies welcomes Labour rule change on antisemitism but says we need to see change in practice as well as in theory
26 September 2017
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Speaking from the Labour Party Conference, Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron, said:

“We are pleased to hear that Labour National Executive Committee’s proposed rule change, modelled on that proposed by the Jewish Labour Movement, has been adopted by conference delegates.

“This is particularly important after the ugly scenes we have witnessed during this conference and shows the need for resolute and robust action.

“However, in order to judge the success or otherwise of the new rules, we will be watching for the results. Will those who have maliciously questioned the historical record of the Holocaust, those who have engaged in anti-Jewish conspiracy theories or called for Jews to be purged from Labour still be welcome in Labour, or will they be thrown out as they so obviously should be?

“In the meantime, I want to give credit to the Jewish Labour Movement for their hard and patient work. The fight for anti-racism and justice in Labour is not over, but today’s is a step in the right direction.”