Board of Deputies welcomes ‘general direction’ of Casey Review

Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron has welcomed the “general direction” of the Casey Review into social integration in the UK.

She said: “As representatives of a community that has borne the brunt when extremism and prejudice go unchecked, we welcome the general direction of the Casey Review. On the one hand, we must maintain a robust stance against those who would subvert our values and harm to our citizens. On the other hand, we must reach out to communities, and especially Muslim communities, across the country, and work with them to live their faith and values whilst being integrated and confident members of the wider community.

“The report highlights some recommendations that we have been making separately for some years, namely that Government needs to devise a clear and coherent strategy for community cohesion, backed up by targeted funding, to support the secure, integrated and inclusive society that will benefit all of our British society. Such efforts cannot be mere lip service at times of increased tension. They must be proactive, consistent and pre-emptive. Ultimately, building a cohesive society may require Government support but is the responsibility of us all. The Board of Deputies remains ready and willing to play our full part in this endeavour.”

Photo: Dame Louise Casey

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