Board of Deputies to hold vigils outside Parliament for return of hostages

The Board of Deputies has announced that it will be holding small weekly vigils outside Parliament for the return of the hostages and is calling for members of the Jewish community and allies to join this effort.

“While a number of hostages have been released in recent days, there are still more than 150 hostages being held by terrorists in Gaza”, said Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl,

“It is vital that the general public not be allowed to forget their plight, and it is important for all of us to continue to make it clear to those at the heart of Westminster that any lasting peace is impossible as long as a single hostage remains held by terror groups in Gaza. We continue to call to Bring Them Home.”

The Board is looking for those who are willing to volunteer a couple of hours of their time, either on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, to join these vigils, which will begin next week on Tuesday 5th December, and will continue to be held each week that Parliament is in session. Those who are interested can sign up here, after which they will be contacted with a date, time and specific venue in the Westminster area. The vigils will be staffed by the Board and are being co-ordinated with the police and CST.

We hope that we will soon see the return of every man, woman and child held hostage in Gaza by Hamas and other terror groups.

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