Board of Deputies thanks countries which assisted Israel in tackling fires

The Board of Deputies  has written to the ambassadors of countries which have provided assistance and aid to Israel as it tackled fires across the country to express its gratitude on behalf of the Jewish community.

Senior Vice President Richard Verber said that the response of countries including Italy, Russia and Turkey would ‘not be forgotten by the State of Israel or the Jewish diaspora’ and that their actions had undoubtedly been crucial in containing the damage and loss of life caused by wild fires, many of which are understood to have been started by arsonists.

He said: “While our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Israel during this difficult time, it is heartening to see the determined response from a number of Israel’s international partners. It stands in stark contrast to some of the shocking things being shared on social media by those taking pleasure from the situation which is affecting people from all backgrounds, Jew and Arab, without discrimination. We will also be writing to the Palestinian Authority’s London mission to thank them for the important assistance they provided.”

Several charities and organisations are running appeals for those affected by the fire including StandWithUs UK,  ZakaMDA and JNF,


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