Board of Deputies President urges Conservatives not to make ‘same mistakes as the Labour Party over antisemitism’ with new inquiry into racism including Islamophobia

Marie van der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said:

“As the Conservatives embark on an inquiry designed to strengthen its approach to racism – particularly including Islamophobia – and reassure British Muslims and other communities about its approach, it must avoid making the same mistakes as the Labour Party over antisemitism.

“It should seek to ensure the approach is genuine, asks the difficult questions and show a willingness to change if things have gone wrong in the past.

“It should be said that in our own dealings with the Conservative Party over incidents of antisemitism and other forms of racism, we have found it to be responsive and swift. But it seems that other minority groups have not all had the same experience and this should be addressed.

“Where we can play a constructive role we are certainly willing to do so.

“Islamophobia, antisemitism, racism and prejudice of any kind should be driven out of our politics and out of our society.”

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