Board of Deputies President: ‘Corbyn’s words mean nothing. Actions are what matter’
26 September 2018
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Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today to the Labour Party conference by calling for action from the Labour Leader.

Marie said: “Jeremy Corbyn’s words mean nothing until Labour takes the necessary steps to deal with antisemitism in its ranks. Words have long ceased to be enough. Actions are what matter. Labour can only be considered an anti-racist party when it does the following:

– Kicks out the antisemites in the party
– Disciplines those who deny that antisemitism is a problem, particularly if this emanates from parliamentarians, local councillors or trade union leaders
– Rolls out training and education on antisemitism, delivered by a trusted and reputable partner
– Jeremy Corbyn offers a heartfelt apology to British Jews and to Israeli victims of the terrorists with whom he has shown solidarity

Labour cannot ‘draw a line under’ this crisis and regain any shred of confidence from the Jewish community until this takes place.”