Board of Deputies launches social media campaign to encourage women and young people to become Deputies
13 February 2018
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At the start of its presidential election year, the Board of Deputies is launching a social media campaign to encourage young people and women to stand for election as Deputies.

Four advertisements and a graphic have been produced, all  which will be promoted on social media.

You can view the videos here.

The Board of Deputies will be writing to all women’s organisations, and we will be bringing together youth groups for a round-table and publicising Deputy elections through the Board of Deputies Young Professionals group.

Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron said: “In our election year , we are launching a campaign to encourage more diversity among our elected representatives. In particular, women and young people have been historically under-represented as Deputies and we would urge them to come forward so that their voices are heard. We are also appealing to synagogues and other member organisations to do their utmost to ensure we reflect the make-up of our community.”

Most of the Deputy elections will be held in the run-up to the Board of Deputies Presidential and Honorary Officer elections, which are to take place on Sunday May 13. Nominations for all these elections close on April 26. The newly elected team will take office on June 1.