Board of Deputies condemns report to UN ‘peddling falsehoods and distortions about Israel’

Board of Deputies Senior Vice President David Mendoza-Wolfson has condemned Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk’s report presented to the United Nations Human Rights Office.

David said: “Today, the Human Rights Council will discuss Michael Lynk’s final report as ‘Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967’. It is unsurprising that Mr Lynk’s final report continues to peddle falsehoods and distortions about Israel. However it is sadly expected of this sham of a role, specifically designed so that the holder cannot investigate abuses made by anyone other than Israel.

Rather than a balanced and analytical piece of work, Lynk dabbles in antisemitic tropes and offensive rhetoric. Lynk’s depiction of Israel in his report as a “covetous alien power” motivated by “population control” – strikingly similar to an age-old antisemitic trope – reveals a sinister motivation that should immediately disqualify it from any forum committed to human rights. That his report bears a UN logo only serves to diminish the institution’s standing.

If the UN took the issue of long-lasting peace seriously, it would remove ‘Item 7’ from its agenda, and promote peace rather than division. This standing item singles out Israel at Human Rights Council session, a treatment that no other country receives. We are grateful for the UK Government’s continued commitment to voting against ‘item 7’.

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