Board of Deputies condemns Jerusalem Sephardi Chief Rabbi over comments about Reform Jews and LGBT community
21 November 2016
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Board of Deputies Vice President Richard Verber has condemned Jerusalem’s Sephardi Chief Rabbi for his bigoted remarks about Reform Jews and the LGBT community.

In an interview, Chief Rabbi Amar described Reform Jews as “evil” and homosexuality as “a cult of abomination”.

Richard commented: “Chief Rabbi Amar’s disgusting comments on Friday put a bitter taste in to so many mouths before Shabbat. This kind of crude bigotry brings dishonour and shame on his office and undermines the humane values it should espouse.

“Our community should be warm-hearted and welcoming. Orthodox Rabbis in the UK including the Chief Rabbi have been taking steps to make our community inclusive to LGBT Jews.

“By contrast, Chief Rabbi Amar needs to remember that our Torah is a ‘tree of life’, not a fig-leaf for hate.”