Board of Deputies condemns Jeremy Corbyn’s statement on Gaza
06 June 2018
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Board of Deputies Senior Vice President Sheila Gewolb has challenged Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn on his statement issued on Tuesday in which he called Britain’s failure to call for an independent investigation into killings at the Gaza border “morally indefensible”

Sheila said:  “Every country has the right to defend its own borders. Jeremy Corbyn’s statement failed to show any appreciation for the threats that Israel faces, nor for the fact that terrorist organisations Hamas and Islamic Jihad have admitted that many of those on the front line were their own operatives, under order to breach the border fence and ‘tear out the hearts’ of Israeli civilians living on the other side. If Mr Corbyn wants to be a credible peace broker he has got to show that he understands Israel’s security needs. He also has to answer the question about what he would do if hundreds of members of a terrorist organisation like Daesh were trying to breach a UK border fence, under orders to kill British citizens.”