Board of Deputies Condemns GPhC’s Fit to Practise Ruling in Antisemitism Case as “Totally Irresponsible”

The Board of Deputies has issued a strong condemnation of the recent ruling by the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) Fitness to Practise Committee (FPC) in its case involving antisemitism. The Board described the decision as “totally irresponsible” and a “serious failure to protect the public against hate speech.”

Amanda Bowman, Vice President of the Board of Deputies, expressed deep concern over the FPC’s decision, pointing out numerous errors and a failure to consider the High Court’s directive to evaluate the cumulative impact of Ali’s words (see notes to editors below). She also highlighted concerns about the Committee’s apparent disregard for the public’s confidence in the pharmacy profession as a result of this ruling.

Bowman emphasised the need for the Professional Standards Authority to review the Decision, asserting that this is the second time the FPC has failed to effectively carry out its core function. She called upon the Authority to address the “sheer perversity” of the FPC’s decision and to ensure that pharmacists are held accountable for antisemitic comments.

“The Board of Deputies is steadfast in its work to combat hate speech and antisemitism in all parts of society including in the pharmaceutical profession”, she said.

“We believe that this case raises important questions about the standards and values upheld by the GPhC and its Fitness to Practise Committee.”


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