Board of Deputies and Zionist Federation secure changes to Hinde St Church ‘checkpoint’ exhibition

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl and Zionist Federation Chairman Paul Charney said:

“Following dialogue with the Board of Deputies and action by the Zionist Federation (ZF) in recent days, the Hinde Street Methodist Church has agreed to make adjustments to the exhibition about Israeli checkpoints.

“This will include a table of information prepared by the ZF outlining Israel’s security needs that makes these measures necessary and the display of a statement from the Israeli Government, provided by a local rabbi.

“We are also in discussion with the church about the possibility of a panel discussion with a range of perspectives including a pro-Israel speaker this coming Thursday.

“The church has expressed regret that a letter about the exhibition sent to a local rabbi did not get through, and in future we would hope to see more rigorous consultation around such sensitive events, for the sake of good interfaith relations.

“The Jewish community is now seeking volunteers, as well as those who have already signed up over the weekend, to hand out leaflets outside the church explaining the reasons why Israel feels the need for such security measures.

“We hope that the event will be conducted in a constructive spirit of genuine dialogue by organisers and visitors alike.”

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