Board of Deputies and JLC promote benefits of UK-Israel trade in Government consultation
04 April 2022
“This consultation is an important opportunity to trumpet the benefits of a free trade agreement for both countries in a number of fields.”
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The Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council have pointed to areas where trade between Israel and the UK is flourishing and recommendations for enhancing the economic-relationship further, in a joint submission to the Department for International Trade’s consultation on the Free Trade Agreement with Israel.

In the document, the two organisations point to the thriving trade relationship between the UK and Israel in the high tech industries including medical devices, electronics, computer software and hardware, telecommunications, and collaboration in academic and scientific research.

The submission also addresses opportunities in the post-Brexit world to further strengthen trade and strategic links between the UK and Israel and stresses the importance of trade in combatting antisemitism and the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement. This will not only strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the two governments but could also help address the issue of antisemitism in the UK relating to Israel.

Board of Deputies Senior-Vice President David Mendoza-Wolfson said: “This consultation is an important opportunity to trumpet the benefits of a free trade agreement for both countries in a number of fields. We also stress that at a time when those who hate Israel continue to rally against cooperation, UK-Israel trade and relations, in general, are flourishing like never before. Even closer links will promote prosperity, goodwill and will have tangible benefits for both the UK-Jewish community, and wider UK society who have much to gain from this FTA”

JLC Chair Keith Black said: “Negotiations on a UK-Israel free tree trade agreement are just the latest step in our deepening bilateral relations. A new deal not only promises to bring economic benefits to our two countries but it also shows that despite the best efforts of those who serve to delegitimise the Jewish state, British businesses are eager to expand their relations with Israel. During these uncertain geopolitical times, it is more critical than ever that the ties that bind democratic liberal countries are cemented into relationships of enduring value and joint commitment to each other’s peace and prosperity.”

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