Board holds discussions in France over security, hate and aliyah
18 February 2015
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Board president Vivian Wineman this week led a group to visit its  sister organisation Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (CRIF) to demonstrate solidarity following the recent terrorist attacks and also to discuss issues including  security, antisemitism and aliyah.

Discussions ranged from security situation and government response in France following last month’s attacks, antisemitism, the recent desecrations of graves in Alsace, and the increase in emigration to Israel.

CRIF and the Board resolved to co-operate on a number of issues such as hate crime on social media, interfaith relations and raising awareness at a European level. The Board hopes to host a delegation from France in the near future.

Vivian Wineman said: “ I was very pleased to be able to meet representatives of CRIF and to express our solidarity with them and to discuss ways in which we can be of assistance to each other. We were very concerned to hear of the level of anxiety in their community but were reassured by the extremely strong security measures being taken on their behalf by their government and the seriousness with which it regards the problem of antisemitism. We took with us a sense of real concern tempered by the reassurance that we have firm allies outside the community.”

Vice-chair of the International Division Edwin Shuker and International Affairs Officer David Walsh  were also  in the delegation which met CRIF President Roger Cukierman, Vice-President Yonathan Arfi, Executive Director Roger Ejnes, Director of International Affairs Eve Gani and Executive Board Member Jean-Pierre Allali from CRIF

Today, Edwin Shuker will represent the Board at the funeral of Dan Uzan in Copenhagen.