92 Holocaust denial works removed from Amazon after Board of Deputies and WJC intercession

Amazon has removed 92 works of Holocaust denial from sale across its websites, after dialogue with the World Jewish Congress and the Board of Deputies.

The measure, announced in advance of Holocaust Memorial Day/International Holocaust Remembrance Day, came after representatives of the Board and the WJC met Amazon UK’s public policy team last month to discuss the matter.

The 92 works in question, which were available in multiple languages, include the ‘Leuchter Report’, a pseudoscientific document which falsely claims to prove that the gas chambers did not exist, ‘The Six Million Swindle’, a book by Nazi sympathiser and Holocaust denier Austin Joseph App and ‘The Auschwitz Myth – Legend or Reality’ by former Nazi officer and Holocaust denier Wilhelm Stäglich. Also included were a number of volumes of the ‘Journal for Historical Review’, a far-right publication which existed from 1980-2002 primarily focused on publishing Holocaust Denial.

The works have not just been removed from Amazon UK, but from seventeen different localities where Amazon operates. Additionally, more than 850 links to such works on Amazon’s websites have been removed.

Marie van der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies and WJC Vice-President, said: “As we come together to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, we commend Amazon’s decision to remove multiple examples of Holocaust Denial publications from their stores. Holocaust denial is unequivocally antisemitic; it claims that the Holocaust was fabricated and that therefore, Jews are lying to advance some nefarious agenda.

“We are grateful to have been able to work together with our colleagues at the WJC to help ensure the removal of these works. However, there is still more to be done; Amazon have made it clear that they are happy to work with us to discuss the removal of further similar publications, as well as how to effectively identify and remove such works themselves. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future to combat Holocaust denial and ensure that antisemites cannot spread their lies with impunity on the websites of the world’s largest bookseller. We would call on other publishers, booksellers and distributors to follow this example.”

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