Tributes from the British Jewish Community to HM The Queen on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee

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Jewish Women's Aid

As Co-Chairs of Jewish Women's Aid we want to add our heartfelt thanks to the long list of good wishes you have received, and to say that, Your Majesty, your example of 70 years of dedicated service to our nation is recognised by all our volunteers and staff, and sets such an inspirational example for how we can work together for the benefit of the community. Thank you.

Madeleine Abramson and Caroline Ratner
Co-Chairs of Jewish Women's Aid, an agency in the Jewish Community to help victims of domestic abuse.



HAmpstead Synagogue

It is with great pleasure and honour that Hampstead Synagogue wish to offer our congratulations to Your Majesty. We thank you, your Majesty, for 70 years of magnificent service to the country and the Commonwealth and support of the Jewish community. G-d Save the Queen and many more years.



Hello your majesty,
Happy 70 year of rule.
Blessings from Jerusalem,
the Holy Land.



Chair, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)

The Scottish Jewish Community congratulates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee, and notes that it is the first time any monarch has achieved this remarkable milestone.

The Queen has always celebrated religious diversity in the UK and around the world, while at the same time professing a strong Christian faith, and holding the position of Supreme Governor of the Church of England. She has observed that all religions demonstrate a “rich cultural heritage” and provide “critical guidance for the way we live our lives, and the way we treat each other”, and has commented that “the Church has a duty to protect the free practice of all faiths in this country”. We recall with pleasure that in 1982 she was awarded the Sternberg Interfaith Gold Medallion for those who have helped promote peace and tolerance between people of different faiths.

In the words of the prayer composed by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis especially for the Platinum Jubilee, that itself echoes the prayer for the wellbeing of the Queen and the Royal Family that is read in synagogues every Shabbat, we “pray that she be granted many more years of blessing”, and that G-d should “Grant wisdom and understanding to the leaders and counsellors of the realm so that they and we may walk together in the paths of unity, freedom, and harmony … and live together in righteousness and peace.”



Glasgow Jewish Representative Council

On behalf of the Jewish Community of Glasgow and surrounding areas I would like to congratulate Her Majesty on the great achievement of a glorious reign of seventy years. You have overseen countless changes in the country and by your example have inspired your subjects to make Great Britain the modern, caring and inspiring country where your personal example has shaped the ethos of the nation.



Stoke on trent

Thank you for your continued service, respect and admiration to you from myself and family. May G-d bless you and make your service a long and peaceful Deborah Amos



Portsmouth & Southsea Hebrew Congregation

Portsmouth & Southsea Hebrew Congregation joins me in sending Loyal Greetings to our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth on the auspicious occasion of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.Ever since His Majesty King George II honoured our Synagogue with his presence over 270 years ago, our community have been proud to be loving and loyal subjects of the British Crown.
May the Almighty bless and keep Your Majesty, may He make his face shine with Grace upon Your Majesty, may He grant Your Majesty Good Health and Peace. Amen.

Reverend David


Belfast Jewish community

As minister of The Belfast Jewish community I take this opportunity to wish you Mazel Tov (congratulations)on celebrating your platinum jubillee. May G-d grant you many more years on the throne in good health and may he continue to shower his blessings on you
Reverend Kale on behalf of Belfast Jewish Community and all the Jewish people of Northern Ireland



The Stoke-on-Trent Hebrew Congregation.

It is with great pleasure and honour that I (as President of our tiny congregation), wish to offer my congratulations on behalf of the whole of the Jewish community in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme. We thank you, your Majesty, for 70 years of magnificent service to the country and the Commonwealth. G-d Save the Queen and many more years.

Martin D. Morris.
(President of the Stoke-on-Trent Hebrew Congregation.)



Southport Hebrew Congregation United Synagogue

The Southport Hebrew Congregation joins me in sending Loyal Greetings to our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth on the auspicious occasion of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.
May the Almighty grant you Ma’m Good Health and Strength, Blessings and Peace.



Merseyside Jewish Representative Council

Wishing Her Majesty the Queen a Hearty Mazel Tov on her Platinum Jubilee Celebration. Thanking her for 70 years of devoted service to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Long may she reign over us.



Belfast Jewish Community

Mazeltov on your Platinum Jubilee.
Wishing you good health and good fortune.
Thank you for seventy years of devoted service.



Finchley Reform Synagogue

On behalf of Finchley Reform Synagogue we offer Your Majesty a hearty Mazaltov on your Jubilee, and our warm thanks and appreciation for your gracious reign.
Nina Morris-Evans, Ben Lewis, Felix Mara and Robert Stone
Deputies for Finchley Reform Synagogue



Cheltenham Hebrew Congregation

Your Majesty, you have reigned over us for an amazing 70 years. A source of wisdom, stability and continuity in an increasingly troubled world. On behalf of Cheltenham Hebrew Congregation may I thank you for this precious gift. We wish you many years of good health and happiness.


Van Colle

House of Life at Willesden Jewish Cemetery

Volunteers from the Willesden House of Life will commemorate Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee on 2 June 2022 by planting four Queen Elizabeth and three Jubilee roses in a specially prepared flower bed in the grounds of the United Synagogue's Willesden Jewish Cemetery. The inscription on the plaque to be placed there includes the following quotation from the Prayer for the Royal Family: "In her days and in ours, may our Heavenly Father spread the tabernacle of peace over all the dwellers on earth."



Manchester Great, New & Central Synagogue

Your Majesty
You are indeed the mother of the nation. In an age of uncertainty you prove to be a rock of certainty and stability. Your dedication to public service has been an inspiration to us all. May the almighty keep you in good health to reign for many more years.

Anne and Melvyn


Northwood Synagogue

Congratulations your Majesty on the occasion of your Platinum Jubilee.

You have been a constant in our lives and we thank you for your 70 years of steadfast service.
We wish you good health and happiness.



I believe this country is privileged to have a Monarchy & blessed that it has been led for 70 years by a truly amazing Head of State. God bless the Queen & congratulations not only on achieving your platinum anniversary but also the wonderful service you have given the Nation.



Congratulations to a super queen. A remarkable achievement makes me proud to be British. Thank you for all your service.



Harrogate Hebrew Congregation

On behalf of the Harrogate Hebrew Congregation I heartily congratulate Your Majesty on 70 years of dedication and being the longest serving monarch Your Majesgty has served our country with such dedication and sincerity and we at Harrogate Synagogue are proud to be your Majesty's citizens and pray you Your Majesty will enjoy many more years of good health and happiness.
Roma Cohen
Chair/Vice President



The Friendship Circle

I think that the Queen and the Royal Family are great they have done so many wonderful things, they are great for this country and
The World.



Migdal Emunah

On behalf of the Trustees, staff and clients at Migdal Emunah, we wish Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth our grateful thanks for the last 70 years of dedicated service as Queen, with our hopes for many more years in good health.

Migdal Emunah supports children, women and men across the Jewish community,who have experienced sexual violence.



Board of Deputies, Deputy for Pinner United Synagogue

Thank you so much for being the best role model this country could wish for in both your public and private life. I hope you enjoy the celebrations as much as your subjects plan to do. Warm regards from all at Pinner United Synagogue.



St Albans Masorti Synagogue

Warmest wishes and congratulations on this your Platinum Jubilee year. And heartfelt thank you from the St Albans Masorti community for your 70 years of resolute and unwavering service to all communities in the United Kingdom.




Your Majesty

On behalf of my fundraising team on JNF KKL SCOTLAND on this very momentous occasion we are taking this opportunity of sincerely thanking you for 70 years of service and devotion to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Wishing you good health for the future and looking forward to many more years of you reigning over us.

Stanley Lovatt

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