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The Board of Deputies of British Jews is proud to have nearly 200 member synagogues and organisations, covering the geographical, religious and political breadth of British Jewry. Together, our members elect our 300-plus Deputies to represent the priorities of their communities and to work to shape the future of British Jewry.

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Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation
Alei Tzion Synagogue
Alliance of Jewish Women and their Organisations (AJWO)
Armed Forces Jewish Community
B’nai B’rith UK http://www.bnaibrithuk.org >
B’nai B’rith Youth Organisation
Barnet Synagogue
Bedfordshire Progressive Synagogue
Beis Gavriel Lubavitch
Belmont Synagogue
Belsize Square Synagogue
Birmingham Central Synagogue
Birmingham Hebrew Congregation
Birmingham Progressive Synagogue
Bnei Akiva
Board of Deputies of British Jews
Borehamwood & Elstree United Synagogue https://www.borehamwoodshul.org/ >
Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation
Bournemouth Reform Synagogue