Welcome for plan to dismiss Icelandic anti-circumcision bill
30 April 2018
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Professor David Katz and Dr Simon Hochhauser, the co-chairs of Milah UK  -the Jewish organisation concerned with maintaining our tradition of circumcision -have welcomed  the recommendation by Icelandic parliamentarians to dismiss the proposed anti-circumcision legislation.

They said: “Milah UK welcomes the recommendation by Iceland’s Judicial Affairs and Education Committee to dismiss the anti-circumcision bill. While Milah UK will continue to monitor the situation, it is clear that Icelandic parliamentarians have turned back from a decision to criminalise law-abiding members of minority faiths. We thank them for defending the right of Jews and Muslims to continue their time-honoured traditions.”

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush was in Iceland earlier this month for talks with Icelandic law-makers.