Moses Seitler is the founder and director of Screen Share, a volunteer-led initiative which promotes digital inclusion for young refugees.

When we think of refugees we often think of crisis, destitution and debate on immigration issues. Moses and the growing team at Screen Share are focused on another question – what happens when young refugees, many of whom are on their own, settle down and try to build a positive life in the UK?

Screen Share collects, wipes and redistributes laptops to young refugees who need one for their education. Education is a life-line for many young refugees in the UK and without access to the internet they can’t find the right information, complete their college work or apply for scholarships. Laptops provided by Screen Share help to navigate those challenges and tell young refugees that their future is worth investing in.

The initiative is currently supporting the young refugees working with Refugee Support Network, a charity based in North West London which Moses works for. He’s a member of Shomrei Hadath Synagogue and an ambassador for the Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme. He’s worked in the past for René Cassin, the Jewish Voice for Human Rights, but is focusing on the issue of refugee education not only because Jewish history is one of forced migration, but because education and learning are fundamental Jewish principles.

The next steps for Screen Share are identifying as many working laptops as possible, welcoming young refugees to the volunteer team and beginning to provide digital literacy training for young refugees who are still learning the ropes online and here in the UK.

Website for more information or if you’d like to donate a laptop: www.screen-share.co.uk

Find Screen Share on social media @screenshareuk or contact Moses on Twitter @MoSeitler


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