06 August 2020
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Clara Bernstein, 23, is a member of Bowdon Synagogue in Manchester. She has been volunteering during the lockdown to support her friend Arabellas’ mum, Wendy, during her cancer treatment.

Wendy Peake is an educational psychologist who was diagnosed with ocular melanoma (eye cancer) in 2017. After the removal of her eye, the family thought they had passed the worst but the cancer unfortunately spread to her liver in November 2019.

Wendy was due to start a promising treatment in March, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic, and the family were left to fundraise 160,000 to cover the costs privately. Clara has worked to support Arabella and her family, including promoting a go-fund-me page which has received immense support from the Jewish community in South Manchester. Efforts to support Wendy have reached incredible heights with a the family being featured on Radio 5 and BBC Panorama. Clara has also been instrumental in setting up fundraising projects including ‘Workout4Wendy’ and ‘Wheels4Wendy’, a workout campaign and unofficial taxi service. Details for donating and more information about their story can be found here:

Photo: Clara Bernstein (right) with her friend, Arabella