Vigil and protest outside the Palestinian Mission next Tuesday



Over the past few weeks, Israelis have been subject to indiscriminate terror attacks throughout the country.

President Jonathan Arkush said: “The Board utterly condemns the sharp surge in violence perpetrated by Palestinians towards Israeli citizens in the past week. The failure of the Palestinian Authority to condemn these acts of murder is nothing short of disgraceful. The Israeli Government must be allowed to take the action it needs to protect Israeli citizens. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of these horrific crimes.”

As these horrific attacks take place, the Palestinians continue to incite violence against Israelis. The Palestinian Authority has condemned Israel for killing terrorists responsible for the attacks and continues to exploit tensions surrounding the Temple Mount.

Communal response 

Next Tuesday the Board is taking part in a communal vigil and protest outside the Palestinian Authority’s UK Mission in Hammersmith (5 Galena Road, W6 0LT, London). We will come together to commemorate those we have lost and also to protest the ongoing violence and incitement.

The event begins at 5pm, please join us if you can. Spread the word by sharing this e-mail and the Facebook event page.

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