Twitter launch for Board’s film for Deputies
20 January 2015
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The Board of Deputies has released via Twitter its new short film entitled ‘Why Be a Deputy?’ which aims to persuade people to stand in May’s Board elections.

The 3 minute film by videographer Josh Newman was well-received at its premiere at the Board’s Plenary meeting on Sunday. It includes scenes from the Board at work as well as interviews with Deputies and senior Board representatives on why becoming a Deputy is such a worthwhile endeavour.

Deputy Richard Verber, from Limmud, one of a recent influx of younger Deputies, said: “It’s the only cross communal democratically elected body in the community. It can legitimately say it’s got the heartbeat of the community.”

Ella Rose, Deputy and President of the Union of Jewish Students, added: “I think it’s incredible that we have so many young people at the Board. I would encourage everyone to get involved. It’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Board Chief Executive Gillian Merron hoped that the film would encourage people to take that first step and stand for election. She said: “How else can we be that legitimate and democratic voice without our Deputies?”

If you are interested in standing as a Deputy, talk to your synagogue or email

You can watch the video here: