The Board of Deputies at Limmud 2015


This year the Board of Deputies is delighted to be once again participating at Limmud, a source of pride for the UK Jewish community. The Board is a keen supporter of Limmud and its ability to bring Jews from across the communal spectrum together to learn, discuss and of course, socialise! While some of our sessions focus on our core work, we are also not shy in broaching the more difficult questions facing our community and the Jewish world in general. This year the Board will be running and participating in a number of sessions, themes of which include Israel, interfaith work, cost of Jewish living, LGBT, refugees, ISIS and more.

Highlights include:

Is climate change a Jewish problem?

Natan Levy, Geoffrey Alderman. Monday 14:50-16:00 MAGENTA 3
Is climate change a Jewish problem? What should we make of the communal response spearheaded by the Board of Deputies and subsequent criticism of it by Jewish Chronicle columnist Geoffrey Alderman? Geoffrey and the Board of Deputies’ Interfaith and Social Action Manager Natan Levy thrash it out.

My son fought so-called Islamic state

Tuesday 18:55-19:55 MAGENTA 2 – Board of Deputies CEO Gillian Merron interviews Vasiliki Scurfield, the mother of the first Briton who died fighting ISIS alongside the Kurds in Kobani – Kosta Scurfield. Vasiliki will talk about how her son was motivated by a sense of justice and human rights, and her work to promote the Kurdish cause since his death.

…And those are just 2 of the 14 sessions we are involved in! Click below to see the full list:

We’d love you to connect with our honorary officers – President Jonathan Arkush, Senior Vice President Richard Verber, Vice President Marie van der Zyl and Vice President Sheila Gewolb. Our staff will also be on hand to chat and answer any questions you may have with CEO Gillian Merron, International Relations Officer David Walsh and Communication Officer Simon Round at conference this year.

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