The Board at Limmud 2014


The Board is delighted to be participating in Limmud this year. Please find below a list of sessions either run by the Board or including Board representation.



Jewish refugees from Arab lands: remembering and celebrating

13.30-14.30 Michelle Huberman & David Walsh

Arts – Woods

A session held jointly with Harif. With the Israeli government’s recognition of a day of commemoration for Jews from Arab lands, we discuss the best ways to educate the wider Jewish community in the UK about not only the history of Jews from the Middle East in Israel, but also their contribution to Jewish and Israeli society today.




Interfaith social action – realistic or pie in the sky?

Laura Marks, Fiyaz Mughal, Elliot Steinberg

10.40-11.50 – Science 3

Interfaith relationships have never been so important after the summer of 2014. Are Muslims and Jews in Britain too bruised and disillusioned to try again and how, in practical terms, can interfaith social action provide a bridge strong enough to build and nurture local communities where we know, respect and trust one another again?


Advocacy wars

Luke Akehurst, Jamie Gance, Or Nehushtan, David Walsh

13.30-14.30 Ramphal 1

Why do Britons and British Jews advocate for Israel? Is it not Israel’s job? Is it really working? How is it done? Representatives the Israeli Embassy, StandWithUs, We Believe in Israel, and the Board of Deputies will take part in a panel and answer these questions.


Jewish Islamophobes and Muslim antisemites: The narratives and networks of hate

Laura Marks, Fiyaz Mughal, Philip Rosenberg

13.30-14.30 Humanities 1

Bigotry, prejudice and hate crime are plagues of modern life. Does Islamophobia really exist in Britain today and are Jews significantly less prejudiced than our Muslim neighbours? We will reveal the facts, the fears and some thoughts about how we might open the dialogue and move forward together in a badly fractured world.


In conversation with the BBC’s Religious Affairs correspondent Caroline Wyatt

Gillian Merron, Caroline Wyatt

20.00-21.00 Humanities 2

In the past few years, most UK media outlets have lost their religious affairs reporters. With ISIS, Operation Protective Edge, Faith Education just some of the religious issues generating debate today, how does Caroline Wyatt see the future of reporting and its role in fostering an understanding of critical issues?




Engaged and visible: The changing face of the Israeli community in the UK

Anat Koren, Tal Ofer, Elad Simchayoff, Vivian WIneman

14.50-15.50 Science 3

The Israeli community in Britain is becoming louder, more visible and is finding new ways to engage with the Jewish and wider British communities. This panel shows 3 very different perspectives on life as an Israeli in the UK.


“Rabbi, I have a problem”

Naftali Brawer, Jonathan Romain, Laura Marks

14.50-15.50 Arts – Woods

A chance to ask anything you want to about Judaism and Jewish life – with nothing off-limits.


Looking back on 2014: Did our institutions fail us?

Jonathan Neumann, Winston Pickett, Ned Temko, Michael Whine, Vivian Wineman

16.10-17.20 Science 3

During the Gaza War this past summer, large and established communal institutions found themselves under fire for perceived inaction, leading to the rise of several grassroots organisations looking to fill the void. Were the criticisms fair? Are the large institutions outdated? Come hear the opinions of the old and new leaders and voice your own in what promises to be a heated discussion.


Effective leadership: ‘establishment’ and ‘grassroots’

Luke Akehurst, Andrew Gilbert, Laura Marks, Hannah Sassoon, Michael Wegier

16.10-17.20 Science 8

A panel session exploring the best practices of both established communal organisations and grassroots organisations. Why do we need both? What can we achieve from working together?




Challenging gender inequality in Jewish organisations: we’re on our way

Nicky Goldman, Helena Miller, Matt Plen, Sophie Dunoff

09.20-10.20 Ramphal 1

Now in its second year, Women in Jewish Leadership has launched the Gender Equality Plan, a unique and significant programme that promises real change through partnership with our most forward-thinking communal organisations. Hear how it works from one of our pilot organisations, Masorti Judaism, as we challenge gender discrimination, together.


Parliamentary Question Time

David Lammy, Gillian Merron, Matthew Offord, Monroe Palmer

13.30-14.30 Ramphal 1

The Board of Deputies recently published its 2015 General Election Jewish Manifesto, created to inform candidates of the community’s key concerns and enable community members to confidently raise issues. In the run up to the Election come and partake in a not to be missed Question Time panel with representatives from the three main political parties. E-mail your questions in advance to


Strictly Limmud Dancing

Niv Eckhaus, Sheila Eizensharf, Andrew Gilbert, Nicky Goldman, Ivor Jacobs, Maurice Stone, Ilai Szpiezak, Gillian Merron

12.10-13.10 Arts – Butterworth

Experience the glitter, the glamour and the excitement of the return of Strictly Limmud Dancing where 6 “celebrities” will be put through their paces by professionals to compete for the Nikki Millan trophy, and you decide who wins – guided by 4 “experienced” judges!

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