BOD and UJS launch Apprenticeships Provider’s Guide to Judaism

The Union of Jewish Students and Board of Deputies of British Jews have come together to produce The Apprenticeship Provider’s Guide to Judaism

with the aim to help them support Jewish apprentices in the workplace and on training.

This first of its kind publication builds on the success of the Board of Deputies Jewish Guidance for Employers, with this document taking a more targeted approach regarding the Jewish apprentice experience.

It outlines how some Jewish apprentices will need mitigations regarding their religious observance. It highlights Jewish law and how to overcome it in the workplace and in a training environment. These include details surrounding adjustments for Jewish festivals and the Sabbath as well as topics such as food, dress code, prayer and bereavement.

It also highlights recommendations if antisemitism was to occur in the workplace or on training as well as advice on celebrating the diversity of the workforce and making Jewish apprentices feel seen.

Matty Fisher, UJS Apprenticeships Officer said:

“We were glad to partner with the Board of Deputies in putting together this vital guidance for apprenticeship providers to ensure Jewish apprentices are supported in the workplace and on training. This builds on the launch of the UJS Apprenticeships Network which aims to support, represent and engage Jewish apprentices just like we do with students across the UK and Ireland. We will continue to ensure Jewish apprentices can continue to be represented whilst having a thriving Jewish live on campus and in the workplace.”

Edward Isaacs, UJS President added:

“I am very grateful to Matty Fisher and the Board of Deputies for creating this guidance. Jewish apprentices should be included as much as any other employee in the workplace. UJS will always lead, defend and enrich Jewish life on campus and for apprentices.”

Board of Deputies President, Marie van der Zyl said:

“We are very happy to be partnering with UJS on this important scheme to provide support for Jewish apprentices in both training and the workplace. Having previously published our Employer’s Guide to Judaism, we have a long experience and expertise in this field which will be enlisted to help apprentices through any problems they may encounter.”

The Apprenticeships Provider’s Guide to Judaism

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