Statement on the announcement of Labour inquiry into antisemitism

A Board of Deputies of British Jews spokesperson said: “The Board of Deputies of British Jews welcomes the announcement of a new, much-needed inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party.  The inquiry must be rigorous and fair in order to ensure that it has credibility.  We will work with the Party to seek to ensure that the inquiry fairly addresses the problems on which the events of the past few weeks have shone a spotlight.
“We are astonished and appalled at Ken Livingstone’s unrepentant attitude. It would be inconceivable for an anti-racist party to allow him back in.

“The Board of Deputies has been shocked and dismayed at the many people who seem to be in denial of the problem of antisemitism which is so clear. At the same time, we wish to recognise the many leading Labour politicians and activists from all sections of the Party who have spoken out against antisemitism in all its forms and to express concern at the intimidation to which some of them have been subjected.

“On Thursday, the Board of Deputies raised with the office of the Opposition Chief Whip the inappropriateness of Party statements which suggested an equivalence between Ken Livingstone’s offensive comments and John Mann’s objections to them. The conversation was constructive.

“We hope that the new inquiry will mark the beginning of a more certain and clear Labour attitude against antisemitism, from the leader to the grassroots, including clarity about people and groups with whom it is not appropriate to share panels.”


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