Statement on Backbench vote in support of Palestinian Statehood
21 October 2014
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In light of yesterday evening’s backbench vote in the House of Commons (13th October) in support of recognition of Palestinian statehood, the Board of Deputies has issued the following statement:

“The Board of Deputies and the vast majority of British Jews support a two-state solution, in line with Israeli and British Government policy. This evening’s vote was a statement of intent, which says nothing about the timing for recognition of Palestinian statehood.  We understand, therefore, the desire of some MPs to use it to express their support for a two-state solution, although we are concerned that the vote will be misused to undermine meaningful negotiations.

“Ultimately, a just and sustainable peace for the region, based on mutual recognition and respect, can only be achieved through negotiations.  As a result, we believe that the vast majority of British MPs – however they voted tonight – will continue to support and press for the speedy resumption of the peace process and we support that objective.”